One for the books

Yesterday, September 3, 2016 was the School of Nutrition & Hospitality Management (SNHM) Leadership Training Seminar which was held at Centro Escolar University Student’s Activity Center. The event’s host is the NHM Council and the facilitators are the Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association, Inc. (AYLAAI).
There were enough attendees/participants. Exactly 147 students attended the event.
I, personally did not expect much from this leadership training for I thought it would be boring. I was definitely wrong. This is actually the best and my favorite leadership training of all the (few) trainings I have attended before.
I won’t go breaking down every details of this training anymore. I would just simply put it in a sequence list with a brief description.
  1. We did the I love you activity. Here, we were asked by the facies to form a big circle, take off our shoes and put it in front of us. The facies (facilitators) are in the middle. They will say “I love you”, the students who are forming the circle will respond with “bakit?” and the facies will answer anything they want like for example “kasi sa CEU ako nag-aaral” and if you did the said answer, you have to run to a vacant place (place of shoes where noone is standing behind).
  2. We did the pass the ball continuously activity. We had our numbers from the circle we formed and then we were asked to group ourselves according to our birth month. And then we had to spread (a bit) or give enough space to each other. After that, we were asked to pass the ball from 1 to 147 sequentially without exchanging places but (only) catchers are allowed to move.
  3. We were grouped. My group is Group #7 and our facie is Kuya Jaycie. My groupmates are Kuya Jayvee, Ate Pam, Ate Nikki, Ate LA, Ate Hanna, Heinna, Agatha, Carlo, Nikka and I forgot the name of the last girl. We had a quick get-to-know-each-other segment and shared a few answers from the pre-work paper the council gave us. We created our group name which was “Team Never Give Up” with the power word “Just Do It”, wrote our expectations for the day’s event and our Group Contract.
  4. We had a panel discussion with Kuya Edward, (forgot the name of the other kuya), Ate Gladz & Ate Cam at FFH 3rd floor. They shared their leadership journey and gave us tips in time management.
  5. We did the blind maze activity wherein, we were blindfolded and we were put inside the maze by our facies. There were only 2 ways to get out of the maze. First is to ask our facies with questions answerable by yes or no and second is to ask for help. And when you are out of the maze, you have to scream “I am *name* and I am out of the maze”. Happily, I am part of the first 5 who got out of the maze.
  6. We did the trust lean activity wherein, we are to trust our groupmates. The spatter and the one who is to lean. There is this script which made itself a remarkable one to me (and maybe to everyone too). “Spatter/s, are you ready?” “Yes, I’m/we’re ready.” “I’m *name* & I’m ready to fall” “Fall”
  7. We did the traffic jam activity. We were aligned, six members on the left side facing the 5 others at right ride. We have to move and get an alternate persons at the end. We were given 20 minutes. Sadly we weren’t able to make it. Kuya Jaycie talked to us and because we were too upset, he cheered us up.
  8. Lastly, we played the pass the ball game again for we weren’t able to do it the first time. But this time, our mouths our shut (as in noone is allowed to speak unlike the first time we were allowed to shout our numbers). Here for the last chance we did it for 4 minutes and 10 seconds. That proud moment! Aja!
That was all we did. Super enjoy and learned a lot from the AYLAAI. I am so thankful to them that they chose us in spreading their knowledge about the essence of true leadership. Until next time. CEU! Yehey! *isang taas*

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