Lost trust

Is it really that hard to keep a secret? Does your mouth itch whenever you do not broadcast a secret you had just heard?
Most of the people at the present time suffer from these trust issues where you do not know who to trust anymore. Worst is —to even trust yet again. There are many reasons behind this issue. But mainly, it’s because of someone you trusted before broke your trust who might be an intimate relative of yours for they know the deeper side of you.
Sadly, those trust issues you have, there would just be only a few people who might be aware of it —well, not unless you tell them.
A damaged person is very fragile. Do not break them more. If possible, help them pick up the pieces of themselves and fix it.
To the people who are trusted with secrets by their friends and loved ones, give them the confidentiality they want. Let them feel that they chose the people who are really trustworthy. Do not break them again. Give them the assurance that you have that security within you.
Be very careful how you treat the people you get along upon your journey.

“woah”-some day

Wednesday morning. I had the best time (yet) of our Third Year 1st Semester. Although I encountered some problems, I did not let it make its way to ruin my entire day. I was 2 and a half hours late for our mini gala. I learned my lesson. I would never ever go ride a jeepney at IPI again. We were supposed to go to SM Manila by 10:00 am but because of me, we arrived there at 11:45 am.
Nothing much happened. We immediately went to Tony Moly Store, bought a few products and then went straight to Tokyo Tokyo to have our lunch.
After having our lunch, we tried looking for more facial products slash kaartehan kits while we were looking for the Click Selfie Studio.
After finally seeing the studio, Blanche, Kathea and I went straight up to 3rd floor and excitedly walked directly to the Click Selfie Lady. We looked back and did not see the four—Concon, Loysi, Jam & Edeinne. So I called Loysi thru phone. At first she wasn’t answering it. But on the second attempt, Concon answered the phone. I asked him where they are and he kept answering that they were at Etude House where we (Kathea, Blanche & I) left them. But as far as I remember, they followed us as we went out the store. After a few minutes, they appear. Jackass people they were tripping on us! Mga loko-loko kahit kailan. It was Loysi’s idea tho haha
Let me show you some of our studio photos:
So ayun, muntik na kaming ma-late sa aming Finance Class