The Weekend Quality Time Vol. 1

It’s Sunday and we(my cousins and I slash 2kmols and noc4nals) thought of making olive oil pasta, truffles, halo-halo and fruit shake.
It was already afternoon and my dad asked me to accompany him as he buy a printer. So I joined him and brought Menggay with me for my brother doesn’t want to join us. On our way to SM Center Pasig, Pauline texted me to buy crushed ice (for halo-halo and fruit shake). So after buying a printer, we went straight to the wet market and bought. Arriving home, Menggay and I bumped into Gladys and Pau. They told us that they’d just buy some ingredients that they have to put on the pasta. And they also told Popoy to put the crushed ice in a styro.
Late night, around 9pm, we just finished eating at Tekamot’s house so what we did was we just had some catching up. We talked about so many things. From spg–fast talk–personal etc. Without getting bored or whatsoever. Lol that’s how we do it. By 3am we cleaned all the mess we made, cleaned ourselves in our own houses and went straight to Pau’s house because we are about to watch a movie. I brought my laptop with me but I forgot to bring my external drive (kainis lang bc most of the movies are in my external drive huhu). 
The movie has just started but Ilay, Popoy & Menggay were already knocked out. 3 more remaining and that’s us: I, Pau & Glads. As the movie goes, Glads was also asleep. She was just waking up whenever Pau and I has comments and reactions. So yeah, Pau and I slept by almost 6am with such teary eyes.
PS. Don’t judge me but it’s just that night that I watched The Notebook
PPS. Parati ko kasing di natatapos huhu
PPPS. As you can see on the pic the walls weren’t painted yet. Bc it’s Poy & Pau’s new rom and buena mano kami sa pag-stay
8th-9th May 2016

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