One of my favorite times of the year



Christ has risen! Happy Easter Sunday, everyone!

It has been one of my favorite times of the year for it always gives me a feeling of something I could not ever explain. I just love watching Mama Mary and Papa Jesus every time they get to meet each other during the Pasko ng Pagkabuhay ni Hesus. God bless!


Cousin Bonding

26th March 2016
It’s Black Saturday and Tita Zheny & Alexene were about to come over for a little family get together. So what we did when they arrived was eat, explore and talk. Just the usual doings of a get together. We— Mae, Popoy, Alex & I went near the river because we wanted  to see what has happened to the cleaning of river. We also got to spend time with some of our cute little kid neighbors as they were playing there throwing rocks— like what we also did when we were kids (well, exclude Alex for she’s based at Taytay, Rizal).
Perhaps for you it may seem just so plain and normal day. But for me, it is my kind of special day for we barely see each other and bond together even though we stay in only one compound. Well because Gladys and Pauline have been working already. Oh how time flies so fast.
Going back, it was already late in the evening when Pauline arrived home from work. Let’s say it’s already 10:45 p.m. The moment Pauline parked her car, we suddenly jumped inside it and joked around about eating out and we were trying if she will be treating us out. So what happened was Pauline said that she is willing to drive us somewhere as long as we bring our own money with us. In short.. kkb (kanya kanyang bayad). 
So we went to Starbucks to buy some coffee to keep us awake, McDonalds for some snack and Burger King to buy Auntie Nilda a pasalubong. All these are for our movie marathon/sleep over.
For you, it may seem just a normal day. But for me, it is my kind of special day and a day of creating more memories together with my cousins.
I am so happy that we get to spend our childhood all together. Thank you for these little joys. These simple joys are my kind of favorites.

Trust and mistrust

Do we always have to control other people’s perspectives and preferences?
Just now, I saw a tweet of one of my closest friends saying “how can you trust someone who doesn’t even trust you?”.
Every single word in my head kept popping. It was really bothering me. So I decided to write my thoughts here. I want to express what my head thinks about that tweet.
Well, for me, I think it’s just a matter of trust issues. Maybe just either one of them (the person whoever she’s referring to) or maybe both of them had their trusts broken before.
Trusting someone is ridiculously hard nowadays and I am aware of that. But don’t you think it would be nice to give it a try? Or to take some risk? People are not all the same. Some people may break your trust and a few may not. So, what I am just pointing out is basically trust. Start giving the person a seed and see if he’s going to plant and take care of it. If it grows, then that’s the sign, maybe?


Maybe it’s a sign that your heart can now open its door to trust once again.