A feeling that has never really gotten away

Last night was my friend’s debut at One Shangri-la Place. I attended and you also attended. Yes, I think, we both knew that both of us will attend the said event. That did not matter because first, we don’t care about each other anymore, right?
I sighted you from afar. Believe it or not, I unintentionally looked at you.
We were praying that time. The venue was a bit dark because some lights were switched off. And then I chose to look around. Someone’s shoes caught my attention and I looked at her from shoes up to head. I was just looking at her and then I saw a man in my peripheral vision. I got curious of who it was. Then bang! I saw you, and you also looked at me too but I immediately turn my head in front. That was really awkward!!
From friend’s debut, I arrived home and chose to see our (used to be) memories’ box. I read your letter from my first birthday with you.
Those lines made me cry. As in, it stroke me real hard that after I read those three short sentences, my tears were literally flowing down my cheeks. I don’t know why. I used to think that I have already recovered from it. But, I’m confused why did it strike me?
where everything started


“When you’ve got a real deep wound,
there would always be a part
that would not heal 
and still aches.” — Gennie Geronimo

Valentine’s Day Get Away

It’s 14th February 2016. First time that we (together with my 3 cousins/besties) were able to celebrate that sort of special day. Okay, so here is what happened. We spent that whole day away from our hometown. We went to Tanay, Rizal. Specifically at Sierra Madre Resort & Country Club.
We’ve got to (sort of) trek, swim, and of course appreciate the nature itself. The road going down the Spring Valley was kind of green inferno setting. (Yes, it is that grassy and never ending walk!) Well, it was fine with all of us since we love exploring and having good long trips. When we reached the pool area, there was still a way going down to the falls. Of course because we are that curious people, we changed our clothes to swimming attire and went down. We were a bit disappointed because there was no place for swimming/bathing. It was just a plain falls, then the rest of the place was full of huge rocks. So we decided to just take a few photos and then went straight back to the pool area then there we swam.
Guess what?! The temperature of the pool was a damn melted iceberg! (Well, what do we expect of Rizal’s temperature right? Lol.) But of course we still decided to swim. We craved that thing! Hah it was just cold at first. We just took a quick dip since we have planned to go straight to Antipolo’s Cloud 9 (a high peak where you can see a 360º view of Manila). So, after we swam, we just washed half of our body so we could eat our lunch meal yet. BUT, it took almost 2 hours finding a place where we can dine. We have tried 4 or 5 dining places but failed because it was already past 1 p.m. (Uhm, yes you’re right, we’ve got to eat our lunch at 3 in the afternoon.)
Before heading back to Cogeo, we waited for a jeepney for at least 30 minutes. Then there it goes, the jeepney was already full loaded! The driver shook his hand signing there’s no more vacant seats for the four of you. Thinking that while we were eating our lunch, we hoped to sit at the top of the jeepney! (Wish granted agad ‘di ba!) Everyone (literally) was looking at us. We were thinking that time “what’s wrong with girls sitting at the top of the jeepney?” And while riding at the top, I was the one who thought of waving our hands to people we pass by. Some waved back, and a few did not. But it’s okay, at least we made some of them happy and we also enjoyed waving at them. (Feeling artista ang mga lola niyo.)
That time when we rode the jeepney topload was the highlight of our day since when we reached Antipolo, accommodating people going to the Cloud 9 was cut. (Because it’s February 14! Hate it! What a happy day bummer.)
Here are some photos that we took that day:
I also uploaded a video on my YouTube Channel. You may watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKH5zvZTgqM


The day of my legality

11th of February 2016
Right after our NSTP Class, GnM got this for us. They posted it on our school’s freedom board. (Nakakahiya ng very light. Lol) Ano sabe ng itsura ko?? Hahaha!


At home, I got a Birthday Surprise from my best friend, Menggay! That was super epic because I caught her posting pictures. (But she was done already that time. Haha but still.. it was kind of fail.) Thank you bunches. I love you!
On the next day, 12th of February,
we, GnM, went to Greenhills. Spent my and Louise’s birthday through playing Lazermaxx and having a dinner at Shakey’s. Everything that happened today was really fun. Mixed feelings. We fought, got exhausted, excited, and everything. And for the second time, I caught one of my friends handed the cake to one of the Shakey’s staffs, but I acted like I saw nothing just to not ruin the moment. Haha!
Thank you, friends! Much love
Reading: The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
I have just started reading this book since I just finished reading Every Day by David Levithan at around 2:00 a.m.. Now, I just want to share a bit of my reviews. I intensely loved Every Day! It left me crying on the last two chapters of the book (that was actually the reason why I immediately transfer to the next book on my reading list).
This book could be done on just one sitting. That’s how shallow David Levithan’s words are. I’d probably gonna be reading his other works too!