What if I told you that I love you the time you were leaving? Would it make a difference?
Maybe you could have stayed.
But if I have said that —I must be lying. I must be fooling you. Because the truth is..
I just loved you because you felt incomplete. Because I thought —I really thought that I could fulfill the emptiness in your heart.
But all those were just maybes. Maybes that fall onto uncertainties. And sadly, we can’t just hold on to this life’s uncertainties.

Embarrassing Day

My friends saw you coming. They called you as you were with your friend. Both of you turned and look at us. My friends pointed their fingers at me while saying my name. They asked for a photo. You gave them what they wanted and sat beside me. Sorry that I was so embarrassed that I did not even look at the camera. I thank you for baring with the naughtiness of my friends.



Little Celebration

Nothing much about this day.
Since I do not have enough money to have a bigger surprise for my brother. We just bought a cake and pancit malabon. And I bought him a gift (knee supporter).
My brother went home at around 8:00 p.m. because he was with his friends and he treated them out.. he also went home with two shopping bags from Oxygen. And due to his late arrival at home, dad decided to move my brother’s birthday dinner tomorrow.