365th Day of 2015

Date: 31 December 2015
Day: Thursday
Time: 1:01 a.m.


Current thoughts:
I’ve come to realize that I really need to cut unnecessary people out my life this 2015. This year has brought me a lot of realizations and happiness. I’ve learned that in order to be happy, you need to let go of your past first. And.. knowing that past means experiences and situations you can never change and people you don’t need in your life.
On the brighter side, I still thank these people for being with me even just for a very short time. You all are the reason why my 2015 had become really unforgettable. It had been a roller coaster flow of life. And I am beyond thankful that you all turned your backs on me. Honestly, after those happenings, I became much happier than ever. So please accept my gratitude.

Break Breaker

January 4, 2016 is approaching.. meaning, I have to go back to school in a few days. And I haven’t started doing any school-related stuff.
I still have to take three more examinations which are all difficult. Two of them are major courses  which has to be taken in a no-scantron sheet and the remaining course is Accounting (which hasn’t been taught to us even a single topic).
Aside from these examinations, we still have to do our unfinished itineraries and its commentaries because we have to do our mock tour guiding anytime soon. (Good luck to me!) We also have to do and give our thesis’ title to our Com Skills Professor, plan the flow of our program regarding the community outreach (specifically LTS) we’ll be having on 2nd week of January (concerning our NSTP course).


So yes, I am literally not in the mood to do any of these workload. I am having a hard time coping up with the itinerary because I was really finished doing it then after I submitted my commentary, every single thing just went wrong. I am apparently blaming all these sufferings to my beloved (eww naahhh) professor. He wants me to revise all the things I’ve done to my itinerary. I was like.. wtf, seriously after all my sleepless nights, skipped meals acts just to do this itinerary you’ll have it revised? I am just reaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyyy pissed!!


To my professor, you literally are a break breaker.

Tagaytay Excursion

27th of December 2015, we (together with my cousins, Kuya Allan [cousin’s husband], their children, and an aunt) went to Tagaytay for some relaxation and bonding moments to spend to.
They picked us at Pasig at around 9:05 a.m. and we stopped over at Nuvali Park, Sta. Rosa, Laguna after an hour.


We went there just to take a look and feed the koi fishes. There really are lots!!! There was a time where my elder cousin said “Doon naman tayo magbigay ng food sa dulo, may stampede na dito sa malapit satin.” which made me burst into laugh. Cutie. Haha!
So after feeding them, we had a mini photoshoot-kuno moments then left.
We, especially I, really had fun while travelling (literally just sitting inside the car) because of Ava and Amio (my cousin’s children). They are so joyful that they keep on transferring from one seat to another and they keep on talking, so I/we were really entertained.
View from Jaytee’s Filipino Cuisine
Reaching Tagaytay (finally!!!!) We experienced a heavy traffic going to the restaurant where Kuya Allan (together with all of us of course) planned to eat so, we ended up here at Jaytee’s.


Bulalo couldn’t be absent! The best ever!
After having our lunch, we went to Paradizoo just for horseback riding and souvenir shopping.


We really did spend just a little time at Paradizoo because we planned going back to Nuvali but unfortunately, we were stuck to the ever so special.. nothing else but, t r a f f i c. So we ended up having our dinner at Bonifacio Global City instead. We just took our pastas, fries, burgers and drinks in just 30 minutes (I think?) then Kuya Allan dropped us at our house immediately.


Thank you for this quality time!



Have you ever felt so dumb because of what you have unintentionally done? Well, if yes, you might relate yourself to this. If not, you might still want to continue reading it so you can gain few things to avoid regrets. 


So, I’m here to tell you about my younger brother who I used to get annoyed to. Yes, you read it right, I used to because I’m over it and I don’t want the “thing” to happen again.
I am the person who gets annoyed easily. Especially when it comes to my brother or annoying cousin/s and close friends. I am (somewhat) that pikon.
I have just come to realizations that I shouldn’t be that way. I mean, I get too harsh most of the time when I get pissed. Most of the time, I keep my mouth shut because I know when I start to burst, every word that will come out of my mouth is uncontrollable (which I hate the most!).
I also realized that I am (and will only be the one) to take care of my younger brother. Yes, I need to. Because mom’s abroad, while dad’s growing older.


Okay so here’s a sincere short message for my brother:
I know I’ve been too harsh on you. I know I must be the one to understand you but please just this time, I am asking for your forgiveness and understanding. You know I am tired most of the time especially when I come home from school. Please when you already know that I just arrived home and I look so tired or just doing sort of school stuffs, do not annoy and trip over me. You could use my Sunday (which is your ate’s only rest day) for that thing. I am really sorry. I didn’t mean every single word and thing I have said yesterday. Forgive me.
Your unshowy sister,
Ate (Gennie)

Going Back To What We “Almost” Had

Currently listening to OPM songs. I just remembered a friend of mine who used to sing me this kind of songs.
I couldn’t help but to reminisce and rewatch videos (which was recorded by his cousins and my cousins). 
The reason why I wrote here was just to let these feels get out of my body. Haha! It’s just too weird to feel the ‘kilig’ only just when I watch our videos.
Let me show you a glimpse of what I am talking about.
Pag-ibig by Spongecola was my favorite of all the songs you played, man! You really are talented, Tan!