One for the books

Yesterday, September 3, 2016 was the School of Nutrition & Hospitality Management (SNHM) Leadership Training Seminar which was held at Centro Escolar University Student’s Activity Center. The event’s host is the NHM Council and the facilitators are the Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association, Inc. (AYLAAI).
There were enough attendees/participants. Exactly 147 students attended the event.
I, personally did not expect much from this leadership training for I thought it would be boring. I was definitely wrong. This is actually the best and my favorite leadership training of all the (few) trainings I have attended before.
I won’t go breaking down every details of this training anymore. I would just simply put it in a sequence list with a brief description.
  1. We did the I love you activity. Here, we were asked by the facies to form a big circle, take off our shoes and put it in front of us. The facies (facilitators) are in the middle. They will say “I love you”, the students who are forming the circle will respond with “bakit?” and the facies will answer anything they want like for example “kasi sa CEU ako nag-aaral” and if you did the said answer, you have to run to a vacant place (place of shoes where noone is standing behind).
  2. We did the pass the ball continuously activity. We had our numbers from the circle we formed and then we were asked to group ourselves according to our birth month. And then we had to spread (a bit) or give enough space to each other. After that, we were asked to pass the ball from 1 to 147 sequentially without exchanging places but (only) catchers are allowed to move.
  3. We were grouped. My group is Group #7 and our facie is Kuya Jaycie. My groupmates are Kuya Jayvee, Ate Pam, Ate Nikki, Ate LA, Ate Hanna, Heinna, Agatha, Carlo, Nikka and I forgot the name of the last girl. We had a quick get-to-know-each-other segment and shared a few answers from the pre-work paper the council gave us. We created our group name which was “Team Never Give Up” with the power word “Just Do It”, wrote our expectations for the day’s event and our Group Contract.
  4. We had a panel discussion with Kuya Edward, (forgot the name of the other kuya), Ate Gladz & Ate Cam at FFH 3rd floor. They shared their leadership journey and gave us tips in time management.
  5. We did the blind maze activity wherein, we were blindfolded and we were put inside the maze by our facies. There were only 2 ways to get out of the maze. First is to ask our facies with questions answerable by yes or no and second is to ask for help. And when you are out of the maze, you have to scream “I am *name* and I am out of the maze”. Happily, I am part of the first 5 who got out of the maze.
  6. We did the trust lean activity wherein, we are to trust our groupmates. The spatter and the one who is to lean. There is this script which made itself a remarkable one to me (and maybe to everyone too). “Spatter/s, are you ready?” “Yes, I’m/we’re ready.” “I’m *name* & I’m ready to fall” “Fall”
  7. We did the traffic jam activity. We were aligned, six members on the left side facing the 5 others at right ride. We have to move and get an alternate persons at the end. We were given 20 minutes. Sadly we weren’t able to make it. Kuya Jaycie talked to us and because we were too upset, he cheered us up.
  8. Lastly, we played the pass the ball game again for we weren’t able to do it the first time. But this time, our mouths our shut (as in noone is allowed to speak unlike the first time we were allowed to shout our numbers). Here for the last chance we did it for 4 minutes and 10 seconds. That proud moment! Aja!
That was all we did. Super enjoy and learned a lot from the AYLAAI. I am so thankful to them that they chose us in spreading their knowledge about the essence of true leadership. Until next time. CEU! Yehey! *isang taas*

Lost trust

Is it really that hard to keep a secret? Does your mouth itch whenever you do not broadcast a secret you had just heard?
Most of the people at the present time suffer from these trust issues where you do not know who to trust anymore. Worst is —to even trust yet again. There are many reasons behind this issue. But mainly, it’s because of someone you trusted before broke your trust who might be an intimate relative of yours for they know the deeper side of you.
Sadly, those trust issues you have, there would just be only a few people who might be aware of it —well, not unless you tell them.
A damaged person is very fragile. Do not break them more. If possible, help them pick up the pieces of themselves and fix it.
To the people who are trusted with secrets by their friends and loved ones, give them the confidentiality they want. Let them feel that they chose the people who are really trustworthy. Do not break them again. Give them the assurance that you have that security within you.
Be very careful how you treat the people you get along upon your journey.

“woah”-some day

Wednesday morning. I had the best time (yet) of our Third Year 1st Semester. Although I encountered some problems, I did not let it make its way to ruin my entire day. I was 2 and a half hours late for our mini gala. I learned my lesson. I would never ever go ride a jeepney at IPI again. We were supposed to go to SM Manila by 10:00 am but because of me, we arrived there at 11:45 am.
Nothing much happened. We immediately went to Tony Moly Store, bought a few products and then went straight to Tokyo Tokyo to have our lunch.
After having our lunch, we tried looking for more facial products slash kaartehan kits while we were looking for the Click Selfie Studio.
After finally seeing the studio, Blanche, Kathea and I went straight up to 3rd floor and excitedly walked directly to the Click Selfie Lady. We looked back and did not see the four—Concon, Loysi, Jam & Edeinne. So I called Loysi thru phone. At first she wasn’t answering it. But on the second attempt, Concon answered the phone. I asked him where they are and he kept answering that they were at Etude House where we (Kathea, Blanche & I) left them. But as far as I remember, they followed us as we went out the store. After a few minutes, they appear. Jackass people they were tripping on us! Mga loko-loko kahit kailan. It was Loysi’s idea tho haha
Let me show you some of our studio photos:
So ayun, muntik na kaming ma-late sa aming Finance Class

World against me

Have you ever felt like everyone is trying to push you away? Like they do not need/want you in their lives anymore?
Tonight I am feeling that way. I feel like nobody gets me. I just really feel that I am really alone. I feel like I don’t have friends and family. No one gets me, no one understands me. I am really really upset. I don’t even know anymore to whom would I share. To whom would I rant every single heartache inside me. I need to release it.
The only things I need now are:
an ear to listen and a tight hug

The Weekend Quality Time Vol. 1

It’s Sunday and we(my cousins and I slash 2kmols and noc4nals) thought of making olive oil pasta, truffles, halo-halo and fruit shake.
It was already afternoon and my dad asked me to accompany him as he buy a printer. So I joined him and brought Menggay with me for my brother doesn’t want to join us. On our way to SM Center Pasig, Pauline texted me to buy crushed ice (for halo-halo and fruit shake). So after buying a printer, we went straight to the wet market and bought. Arriving home, Menggay and I bumped into Gladys and Pau. They told us that they’d just buy some ingredients that they have to put on the pasta. And they also told Popoy to put the crushed ice in a styro.
Late night, around 9pm, we just finished eating at Tekamot’s house so what we did was we just had some catching up. We talked about so many things. From spg–fast talk–personal etc. Without getting bored or whatsoever. Lol that’s how we do it. By 3am we cleaned all the mess we made, cleaned ourselves in our own houses and went straight to Pau’s house because we are about to watch a movie. I brought my laptop with me but I forgot to bring my external drive (kainis lang bc most of the movies are in my external drive huhu). 
The movie has just started but Ilay, Popoy & Menggay were already knocked out. 3 more remaining and that’s us: I, Pau & Glads. As the movie goes, Glads was also asleep. She was just waking up whenever Pau and I has comments and reactions. So yeah, Pau and I slept by almost 6am with such teary eyes.
PS. Don’t judge me but it’s just that night that I watched The Notebook
PPS. Parati ko kasing di natatapos huhu
PPPS. As you can see on the pic the walls weren’t painted yet. Bc it’s Poy & Pau’s new rom and buena mano kami sa pag-stay
8th-9th May 2016

In a state of shock

Walking alone has never been an unusual thing to me ever since. I even love doing it. Especially when I am really upset. I prefer being alone —well, most of the time.
I really love doing it. But everything just turned around like someone has flipped the coin from head onto tail, upside turned downside. At exactly 11:00 this evening, we (together with my cousins) requested daddy for a midnight snack ice cream. I told these two younger boys (my cousin & my brother) that I’ll be joining them as they buy. But unfortunately, they did not let me and they just ignored me then they rode one bicycle. My brother is the one driving and my cousin just being carried at the back part of it. Because of my katigasan ng ulo, I still tried joining them. I never stopped. Never —even I wasn’t seeing them already. And as I was walking trying to follow them, I remember where they would go and what they’ve said they’ll go. It’s at 7 Eleven or Mini Mart just along C5 and C. Caparas St. Passing through this street at this late was never and will never ever be a good idea. Well, I knew it from the start but I still pushed through. Matigas nga kasi ulo. So as I was passing by the street, I was really feeling the tension of everything. I was freaking out inside. My thoughts that time were: “What if there’s a kidnapper here? What the f would I do?” “Drug addicts?” So what I did was, I pulled my pajamas (yes, I was in my sleepwear already) up above my knee so I could run fast if anything happens. Yes, I was really overthinking that time. So I reached the area where they could be. Luckily, wala sila. *note sarcasm* There was this guy who was standing and leaning onto the post behind him doing nothing. I freaked out more. Shet, am I going to die now? Or should I run to save my life? Sobrang intense I’m telling you. After seeing that my cousin and brother weren’t there and the market has already been demolished, I went straight home. Of course andun pa rin yung tension. So after passing through that (sort of) dark street, I saw my cousin Gladys and her little cousin Melanie. The first thing they asked me was “Dala mo ba phone mo?” and I told them I did not bring my phone with me. Obviously, they were trying to reach me through phone call since I left the compound without informing them. I literally just brought myself. So ayun, when we reached home, I hid from my father for I know he would just scold me for what I did.
PS. I feel like I was traumatized. Wala namang masamang nangyari sakin, but the feeling was there. Sobrang natakot na ako maglakad mag-isa seriously.
PPS. There 3was kind of happiness since it was just added up to my exp! lol
April 9, 2016